About me

Agnes Revenvall -   life passionate, inspirer, Personal development coach, blogger, founder of   ExactService, previously established brand in Sweden.  Sports lover and loves driving fast on a motorcycle.
A former lifeguard and swimming teacher, traveler in love with Spain. She has long experience in sales and its different techniques.

  • Yoga Instructor   -   Global Yoga
  • Vegan
  • Has worked as Merchandising   Vision   Specialist   -   NIKE   (Sweden)
  • Founder and owner of  ExactService   - (Sweden)

Has participated in many training camps and lectures:

  • PR College in Gdansk - Technician - commercial creation
  • Courses -   Care of children with   ADHD   (Sweden)
  • Course - Total Self-esteem with Raymond Ahlgren   (Sweden)
  • Trained by the leading psychologists and coaches in Poland
  • Article author for a book. (Book published in spring 2018. Click here):

    • Writing a book...
    • Graduate Diploma Life Coach. International 3 step Life Coach training ACSTH/International Coach Federation (October 2017) - Strandska Utvecklingshuset AB
    • Preparing for Psychology at University (March 2018)
    • Creating the project: The Way to Yourself - Spain (autumn 2018). 


Private:   Mom to the greatest sons in  the world.

Biggest dream: To create a project, supporting personal development for children, so the world will become a better place for all people.

The most valuable education:  School of Life

Citizen of the world, born in Poland, active and living in Sweden and Spain.