Garden of my thoughts


Articles – a place for my personal, longstanding thoughts, reflections and best visualizations (my all time favorite) about life, world, psychology and philosophy. Mainly my private thoughts and not scientific facts. Thoughts based on my life experience. Welcome to the garden of my thoughts. Garden that I have been cultured through years. Garden which through those years has changed in shape and content. Started with rosehip buds and went on with forests with big trees, upcoming weed, total mowing, plant free dead fields, dried yellow meadows all the way to the garden where you can smell newly mowed grass, where the carrots and the potatoes are growing. A garden where the deer and elks come to visit and where the deep green color soothes your soul. The touch of the trees gives motivation to act and the yellow rapeseed fields brings you joy. The open landscape inspires, the fresh air and fruit fills you with life's energy. I have an inner conviction, that my purpose is to share what I already know with others. That is why I created this blog. Actually it´s not true. This blog exists since many years back, but has never seen the daylight. That´s due to my former convictions that limited me, whichI am going to write about here too. Being led by the idea that We are our thoughts, I have changed the direction of action and decided to publish my reflections. I have been driven by my inner motivation. Since my garden has started to bloom again, maybe that will help others to take care and freshen up their own. This is the place for those whom seek their way. Those whom want to open their hearts and senses and let themselves be inspired into positive changes. If you´re looking for convenient, warm and easy to read pillow stories, then this is not for you. My reflections are an entrance to a higher level of consciousness. It forces to think, inspires to change and that is not comfortable for your subconsciousness. The subconsciousness lives in a thick fog cigarette smoke and an illusion of false feeling of safety. According to my observations in life there are three things that are absolutely true:

When you are born, you have absolutely no influence what so ever in which environment or according to which patterns you´re going to be programmed by someone. You need to accept that, because you can not change that. You can not change the past. What you can do, is how you influence today, when you start walking the path of personal and mental development.

Its absolutely sure that your going to die. So, how do you want to live through that miracle that has been given to you? How do you want to form your life?
All people in the world have one thing in common: RIGHT TO CHOOSE! 
Despite the fact how your situationen life looks like, you are making choices all the time. Every one is making them consciously or subconsciously. Remember that you can something. Not everything, but always something. The choice is yours!

I am aware that living with higher level of consciousness is more difficult, but what we get in return is a free mind and I fully understand that for many of you that is not comfortable. Life will not be the same again. You will start thinking in differently, be aware of the reality in a different way. You will be aware of that you will not be able to pretend anymore. So thank twice before you take that step. 
You can enhance the life quality of your own and others life to a certain degree. Not to speak of which miracles you can create together! 
This is the place, I can share my thoughts, reflections, knowledge and tools which (I wish with all my heart) will inspire you to positive changes. I wish you good reading. Directed to you, who chose the less convenient and comfortable fresh path with no footprints, where it all begins. Design and cultivate your own garden. Invite whom you want. That is what 
I wish you with all my heart. 
I know that I have still a lot to learn. So I would like to ask you to share your comments and reflections. Your input is welcome. I am getting inspiration and I am learning every day, which I am immensely grateful for.

Agnes Revenvall