A coach is your souls advocate. An angel who helps you to take off, when your wings forget how to fly. 


What is Coaching - ”wagon" taking us from one place to another, from the present state to desired state.

Coaching is a simple and efficient method of self development, where the Client and the Coach come to an agreement, its goal is personal development, professional development, efficiency improvement in taking actions, raising Clients competence, broadening his/her awareness, taking over the responsibility by the Client of the life he/she is creating.
It’s a co-operation between the Coach and the individual Client or a company, organization in order to achieve results desired by the Client in business or in private life - by realizing the set goals.

Coaching is not - therapy, psychological advice or consultation.

Coaching is a change to the better.

As a coach - I motivate and inspire You, to achieve the goals, which are going to be set or help You set goals and together with You create the tools which will help on the way to reach the goals. I am Your professional partner, who helps You identify problems, challenges, set goals and encourage You in taking actions and activate Your full potential in order to achieve better results. I help You in self reflecting about Yourself, so that You’ll be able to find Your strong abilities and to manage them.

As a coach, I’ll guide You in finding Your own solutions in the process of change in personal and professional development and accompany You on that trip.

You carry all the answers!
The things you focus on grow!
Your treasure is inside You. Don’t look for it elsewhere!


1. The Way to Yourself

The project consists of:

I think the combination of all these components together gives an absolute total.
Only a holistic view of the customer's needs is sensible. Coaching is carried out with individually customized tools for a three-month period. Emphasis on points that require the most attention.

Goal - build self-esteem, find your true identity and build up confidence and self-trust. Explore your potential and set goals that are in harmony with your inner belief and create your own tools to achieve these goals. All tailored to meet your needs and abilities.
Work with listening to intuition.

In life we strive for synergies and balance. I think these factors together have huge impact and guarantee better results in life or simply inspire to change in positive directions in life, and you can get more favorable results.

The program is created for people who seek their own true path.
Price is determined individually by the customer after the first opening consultation. Applications are received by e-mail:

Initial consultation - 50 EUR / 60 min

2. Individual coaching:

Price:  - 120 EUR / 90 min

3. Mental support online chat - SAY YES TO EMOTIONS

Sometimes in our lives, we have moments, when we do not want to be seen or heard. The causes to this are individual. Then it may be comfortable and relaxing with chatting through text messages. In many cases it is liberating and relaxing to write. This form of cooperation is especially created for you, who need urgent help to share something when courage is not really there to allow you to do it through the face time or voice calls. For some people, this form is simply to remain anonymous.

Price:  35 EUR / 60 min

Available platforms: Viber / WhatsApp / SKYPE

Payment with Swish or a copy of transfer to bank account.

The notification is received via SMS. Write what you need help with.

4. Conversation with the soul - visualization, relaxation and self reflection.


Price:  120 EUR / 90 min

5. Tea with anxiety

Techniques that are created by me personally. It has a form of conversation with your fears. The goal is to work with anxiety and fear, and create a way to understand them so they will not to interfere with us in a destructive way on our way to achieve our goals.

Price: 120 EUR / 90 min

6. Founder - Create your own business project.

You know what you want to do? Or you may not know and looking for inspiration?
Overall 5 sessions of 90 minutes and together we process your idea during activities including t echnique, business plan, purpose vision, support in finding what you want to create. Work is based on creating goals.
Price includes visionary photo shoot and promotion pictures fo ie a website.

Price: 500 EUR 

7. Conversation as support

Care for those in need of mental support - can visit to the client. (only residing in Sweden. )

Price: 50 EUR / 60 min o

8. Offer for companies, schools, Camps 

Price is set individually for each project.


When ordering several visits, I can individually adjust prices and programs.

All payments are payable in advance after confirmation has been sent with the agreed price and forms of cooperation.

Form of payment:

Swish: +461234239794

Bank transfer: IBAN: SE41 6000 0000 0004 3256 1021
                        BIC: HANDSESS
                        Acct: 6233 - 432 561 021


In the account transfer with a copy of screenshot is enough or image of receipt via SMS.

All meetings are to be agreed personally.