Flow by AGNES - how do you create your happiness?

Here I´ll inspire you with my passions.


Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is created. It’s not just ”there” to be owned.  When I became aware of it, it has changed my mind forever. For each and one of us, happiness can mean something different.


What makes you forget that time exists?

What fills you with   positive   feelings?   What is it, that pushes you to do things, whether you succeed or not?   Is there anything in your life that makes you completely lose yourself in the action without expecting any results but only for pure pleasure of doing it?   Something that comes to you easily and naturally?

Do you remember these moments from your  childhood, when you played totally carefree?

 That is the state of  FLOW, often accompanied by passion.

Passion comes to you but vanishes if it feels not cared for and put aside with lack of time as a reason. There is no lack of time, there are only priorities.

My FLOW has different dimensions and I am convinced that we can have several passions that are totally different from one another.I am discovering it my whole life by trying new and different things in my life.

I want to show you that we can love several things and in many different ways, because we are not uniformed. Our expectations in life are also changing, as our values. The important thing is that they harmonize with your mind and that you want to wake up with the feeling that they give you a meaning in your life by providing positive emotions and energy. 

Remember   that:
What is important to us can not be sacrificed for something that is less important!